Learning how to tip your taxi driver

Taxis have been a common norm for a lot of people all over the world. A unique part of the taxi industry is the fact that riders can also add to the overall fare they have by giving drivers an extra tip – whether they have driven well or have done something peculiar for them.

Tips have been a long part of tradition in taxis. These are money given to the drivers aside from the actual fare. These tips are from the generous hearts of satisfied customers who have either enjoyed their trip, got to their destination faster than usual and so on. That says a lot about the way drivers should also give good service to their riders.

Namakkal Taxi has already listed a few factors to consider in tipping taxi drivers. It is a checklist to see if a driver has made the whole endeavour a lot easier than usual. Smooth rides, friendliness to the riders all play a huge role on how much of a tip is given.

Here are a few points to consider in tipping your taxi driver:

  1. Give a tip if they deserve it

For starters, if you enjoyed the ride, make sure you should tip the driver. While most riders are not even sure if it is good to give a tip, a driver will surely be grateful to get tips from their riders since it is not given all the time. 

When drivers do a great job of getting you to your destination, then they deserve a little praise. Think of it as a performance incentive in a company – except that you give it based on how you see it on your own, not on a formula or criteria that can be rigged.

  1. Set 10% as the bar for tips

Most people consider taxi driver tips as whatever spare money they have. However, it is quite rude for some riders to give a single penny to their drivers. You should at least consider 10% of the fare you paid for the ride.

If you do not have an extra 10% or more, then you should not give anything at all. That is a common standard especially in New York – where a lot of people use taxis as their main mode of transportation.

  1. Helpfulness counts 

If you have some luggage and your taxi driver helped you unload some – if not all – of it, then you should definitely consider giving some tip. This is rare among taxi drivers since the mindset is to get a rider to a destination then pick up another. 

It is best to consider rewarding them for going on the extra mile. They deserve that extra amount as well. You may even notice that they would rush out of the car right away and open the trunk or pick up the heavy bag by your side.

  1. Better routes

There are two kinds of taxi drivers – one that sticks to the route and another that gets crafty. Most of the ones that stick to the route want to generate more out of the taxi metre while the ones who get crafty want to get you to your place fast.

Namakkal Taxi drivers are known for using shortcuts, faster lanes and even better roads that would ensure that you will have a smooth trip.

Note that tips given to taxi drivers are far more different from the ones given to waiters, cabin crews, and hotel staff. Taxi drivers are on the road. They have more costs than the latter, which means they deserve a better tip but still depends on how well they perform their task.

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